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London Street Art

London Street Art: cover By: Alex MacNaughton
Review Date: 1st September 2006
Reviewed by: duncan
Published by: Prestel
Banksy: Graffiti Removal
London Street Art is the second book in the 'Street Art' series, from publishers Prestel. The first one was Berlin Street Art. This is by a different author, Alex MacNaughton, but otherwise follows the exact same style as the previous book. It's small (7" x 5"), hardback, about 90 pages. The book starts with an introduction from the author on what types of images he included in the book, and why. Although brief, there's some insight into what he writes. He divides his photos into reproducible street art (stencils, stickers), and freehand (graffiti). He's a freelance press photographer, so as you'd expect the photos are very professional and he obviously knows his trade.

"A well placed piece of street art can make you smile, laugh or think about what it is to be human in our modern world."

Then onto the images, which are presented full page, without commentary or captions. As the title suggests, this is looking at 'street art' rather than traditional graffiti, so mostly that means stencils, stickers, paste-ups and other forms of 'post-graffiti' art. However, this book doesn't seem to have much by the people we usually see in this type of publication, such as Faile, London Police, Miss Van etc. With the exception of a good selection of work by Banksy. Where this book really differs from Berlin Street Art is that there is more 'proper' graffiti in this book, e.g. Eine, Shok1, Cept and Kid Acne. And it's a good thing for it too in my opinion.

The photos are well presented and chosen, the overall package is nice but slim. This series of books seems designed to appeal to those who maybe don't know a massive amount about street art and graffiti, but like what they see.

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