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Wordplay Magazine, issue 2

Reviewed by: Duncan
Review Date: 16th February 2005
Worldplay magazine cover The second issue of Wordplay came out at the start of February, so I guess the first one must have done ok. This has about twice as much content, being 68 pages, but still in the same convenient handbag-sized format.

What's it got: crammed full of photos of mostly British graffiti, with a small amount from Europe. Main artists featured include: Nylon, Frame/Erase, Kelzo, Brave, Crack15, Raek, etc, as well as a whole load of others. A few pages of train damage, and a story from Jano about old school exploits.

It's in colour throughout, printed on fairly nice glossy paper. Design is fairly minimal, with a few nice touches here and there, but not in your face. Instead they've concentrated on filling the pages with photos.

And that's about it, hardly any other text in the magazine, a few small adverts from the usual suspects. A small but perfectly formed package. Hopefully they'll get a few more issues out, and not fade away.

RRP: £5

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