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Pictures of Walls

Reviewed by: Duncan
Review Date: 7th February 2006
Pictures of Walls book As a little side-venture, Banksy and friends have a website Pictures of Walls, which features, er, pictures of walls. Or more precisely, walls with graffiti on them. Not graffiti art, but slogans, phrases, etc... you know - words. And sometimes faces. Mostly quite funny, sometimes political, sometimes just plain mad.

Anyway, they've now produced a little book containing about 80 photos from that site. The book is similar in format to the three small Banksy books - it's a slim black-covered volume. Each photo gets a page to itself; the book also has a brief introduction, and a list of photographers' credits at the back.
Oh yeah, the book also contains two old pics by me, which you can also find on this website.
If you like the stuff on their website, then you should like the book.

It's available to buy online from www.picturesonwalls.com, and you can also find it in Analogue Books in Edinburgh (although doesn't seem to be listed in their online shop yet).
RRP: £5

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