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Wordplay Magazine, issue 5

Worldplay magazine cover

Reviewed by: Duncan
Review Date: 22nd February 2009
84 pages
RRP £4.50

Wordplay magazine Issue 5 was published in January. The magazine's been going sporadically for a few years - I previously reviewed Wordplay 2 four years ago. The first two issues were published in an A5 size; issues 3 and 4 were published in a larger format. Issue 5 has gone back to the A5 format.

From the press release:

A new look for the UK’s best graffiti magazine, back to A5 and now every photo has been printed full page. So this time the artwork doesn’t get lost in a mass of colour next to others, you can see each piece framed on its own.

Displaying the best graffiti and street art from the UK ONLY! We are proud to be the only magazine displaying purely graffiti from the UK and this time we have a collection including writers from Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

A new feature in this issue is ‘Writerswives’ where artists have painted girls and teamed up with a professional photographer. This has produced some stunning images and certainly keeps the eye interested while flicking through.

From now on Wordplay will be a quarterly magazine thanks to the help and support of our sponsors.

There's no text (apart from adverts), just photos with small artist credits. Design has been kept to a minimum; there's not really any design elements on the page apart from a minimal black border on the photos. Photos are printed mostly full or half-page.

For the content, there's a reasonable selection of mostly UK graffiti, mainly pieces and some trains. Despite the press release saying "purely graffiti from the UK" there are several photos of trains from France, Germany, etc.
One feature that should be popular is Writers Wives, nude girlie photos with graffiti on them, including one by Akme.

The magazine is available online from wordplaymagazine.com. I bought my copy in Analogue in Edinburgh.

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