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Graffiti Planet

By Ket, Michael O'Mara Books, 128 pp, £9.99
Reviewed by Duncan (March 29 2008)
Graffiti Planet cover

At first glance, Graffiti Planet looks like it's part of the Street Art series of books published by Prestel. It even has a famous Banksy image as the cover that was in the first London Street Art book. However don't let the looks deceive you; this is quite different; it's a book of graffiti, not street art. Inside is about 100 photos hand-picked by Ket of some great graffiti from around the globe. The first half is mostly North America, then the rest goes through South America, Asia, Europe etc.

Apart from the cover and one other Banksy photo, the rest is mostly high-quality pieces and productions. It's the sort of stuff you typically see in decent graffiti mags, and includes the likes of Ces, Revok, Klor and Scien, Seak, Daim, Kent, Bates, Crack15, Frame, and Dundee's very own Lyken Love.

This will appeal to the sort of person who says they like graffiti but don't like tags and throw-ups, and who maybe wouldn't buy graffiti magazines. Or if you want a book of quality international graffiti but don't want to lug around Graffiti World, this should fit the bill nicely.

Author Ket is currently facing prosecution in New York for painting subway trains, with the prospect of a hefty jail term. You can find out more information at www.supportket.org.

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