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Sticker competition, site updates
04 Jul 2006

Hi, just a quick site update from duncancumming.co.uk for you.

COMPETITION Another competition, this time for sticker packs from Un-Plugged.co.uk http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/competition4.cfm

BERLIN Plenty photos added recently, coming towards the end of these. Most recent update's quite a nice one IMHO, including a couple nice pieces from Kacao77 http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/photos.cfm

OTHER STUFF Updated the Blog page to be a bit more user friendly. You can now link directly to any single blog message. You can also leave comments on the blog http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/blog.cfm

A few new reviews and interviews up courtesy of Tricksta and friends. Let me know if you'd like to write something for the site, doesn't have to be a review. e.g. if you're a student or recently graduated, dissertations and essays about graffiti would be welcome. http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/articles.cfm

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