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04 Jun 2007

An update for you from my site. Aren't interested? - unsubscribe info at the end of the email.

COMPETITION Shakewell in Glasgow have opened their new premises, and are now also selling online. To publicise this, they're going to give away a box of paint + other graffiti supplies in return for someone doing them a design of their logo. http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/competition-shakewell.cfm

BOOK REVIEWS Some new book reviews for the site from Perspicacious Critic, Henry Chalfant's "Burners", and Montana Writer Team. http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/review-MWT.cfm http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/review-Burners.cfm

DISSERTATION A new dissertation added to the site, courtesy of Alice Spencer (MA Hons Geography), "The Colour of Walls: Psychological Mugging or Democratic Communication?" http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/dissertation/

COMMISSIONS If you're ever in the market for a graffiti writer, you can use this form to send me your request, which I'll then forward to some graffiti artists: http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/commissions.cfm

OTHER STUFF Things I've been enjoying lately: Kelburn Castle: http://www.thegraffitiproject.net

Timelapse graffiti from the 7th Letter Crew: http://tslfilms.com

Graffiti exchange: http://graffitiprojects.com/exchange/

Skinnycap issue 2: http://www.skinnycap.com

That's it! Thanks for listening.


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