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FAQ: How to post Pics ( [Expand] [RevSort] )
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  14 Jan 04 06:20 PM | Edit Reply | How to post Pics
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Taken from: http://www.fark.com/farq/photoshop.shtml

This may well be the most important decision of your life. Signing up with the wrong image provider can cause you headaches beyond your wildest dreams. Your brilliance will never be discovered and you will suffer unbearable embarrassment as you repeatedly post little red X's. This is your chance to get it right the first time and be a hero among heroes. Read carefully, grasshopper.

Acceptable hosts of the free variety

Your own ISP - Many ISPs, broadband and dialup alike, provide web storage space for their customers. While there is usually a storage limit on this space, there is often no bandwidth limit. This should be the first place you check. It's probably going to be the most reliable option, and you may as well get your money's worth.
IOWNJOO - The name's pretty ridiculous, but the service seems to be solid. (Or at least it was -- lately it's been off and on.) Free accounts are available and there's no bandwidth cap. http://www.iownjoo.com/
SuperDownloads - Not very flexible and usually pretty sluggish, but almost always functional and a very excellent last resort for you cheapskates out there. http://photoshop.superdownloads.net/

Unacceptable hosts

Angelfire, Xoom, FortuneCity, Tripod, 69megs, Geocities (we hear the .txt trick stopped working)
Homestead (bandwidth limitations too skimpy)
PhotoIsland (used to work well, but grew too big for its britches)
Most other free website services

This isn't a complete list of all the hosts, so use common sense and good judgment if you find a host that seems to work.

Now here's the tricky part. It involves the use of basic HTML and it separates those who have read this page from those who haven't.

Type this into the comment box: <img src="(URL HERE)">, replacing the (URL HERE) with the URL to your picture.
Example: <img src="http://www.fark.com/images/fark.jpg">

Taken from http://www.b3ta.com/features/faq/#postimg

Put your image on suitable webspace, either your own or a free space provider such as lycos.co.uk.

Make note of the address of the images: (it should look something like http://www.woo.com/image.jpg)

Right-click on the image you like
Select "properties"
Cut & paste the URL of the image.

Hold down the mouse button over the image you like for a couple of seconds
Select "open image in new window"
Cut & paste the address from the place where you normally type web addresses

Add a message to the board with the extra code
<img src="http://www.woo.com/image.jpg">

Please note:
- The http:// part is very important. Don't ask us why.
- You can't use images from Geocities or Tripod.com. Don't try. They are utter bastards.
- If the image is quite large - first try to reduce its dimensions, or the number of colours if it is a .gif. If the file size is tiny, but it will take up loads of space on the board, make it smaller by using the command <img src="http://www.woo.com/image.jpg" width="450">


http://www.fotango.com seem to be good for free image hosting too.[Edited by duncan on 03 Sep 04 05:41 PM]
[Edited by duncan on 30 Oct 06 06:26 PM]
[Edited by duncan on 30 Oct 06 06:27 PM]
  22 May 04 08:53 AM | Edit Reply | fotango
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I've got now an album with fotango, but how do you get the picture itself in the thread, instead of the link to it?
  07 Jun 04 05:38 PM | Edit Reply | RE: fotango
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Posted by Solem:but how do you get the picture itself in the thread, instead of the link to it?
does anybody know??
  07 Jun 04 07:26 PM | Edit Reply | `
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it tells u above, where it says:

"Add a message to the board with the extra code"[Edited by KingGhidra on 07 Jun 04 07:28 PM]
  07 Jun 04 08:07 PM | Edit Reply | x
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  04 Sep 04 01:29 AM | Edit Reply | RE: How to post Pics
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i can host pics n shit for ppl, just send me the pics tae:

the links will b similiar to this

no limits or anycrap so.. i'd b the best choice :P
  23 Jan 05 11:19 AM | Edit Reply | RE: How to post Pics
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  23 Jan 05 11:24 AM | Edit Reply | RE: How to post Pics
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Posted by toxus:www.fotango.com

well done. . .???
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