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Announcements: [LDN]-30.06.11 - KULEZ - KUDA BROWN E.P TOUR LAUNCH @ 93 Feet East
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  31 May 11 04:36 PM | Edit Reply | [LDN]-30.06.11 - KULEZ - KUDA BROWN E.P TOUR LAUNCH @ 93 Feet East
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Kulez presents the Kuda Brown E.P. This is the launch party for the first official date from the Kuda Brown E.P nationwide tour. Where else is better to kick the tour off other than in the capital city, London at 93 Feet East on Brick Lane, with various special guests.

Kulez, coming from a battle rap background, a very lyrical global phenomenon but which has become a some what rehashed and plagiarised scene. Almost used as a fashion statement or identity tool but gives an up and coming rapper a perfect stepping stone to create a name from.

Kuda Brown E.P is a fight in a revolutionary sense towards a major corporate machine. An underground style release aiming to impact on a commercial / mass level.

Kulez portrays a lifestyle a lot of people go through good or bad and can relate to. Not just talking about using in the sense of drugs, but using in the sense of alcohol or even people. At the same time looking to inspire and influence alot of people striving for utopia.

It is experimental, a mix of genres and diverse as well as controversial at the same time. Kulez attempts to create a creative movement already having an underground base. With singles like "Fight for the Mic" and "Memories" aiming to attract people that are like minded independently and if it has enough depth to it, it may become cooperated by the main culture.

buy tickets from: http://www.seetickets.com/Tour/KULEZ
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