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  14 Jul 09 03:25 AM | Edit Reply | Oii Nu KrU CuZ
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blad$$ guess wat???????? me mate from da skool y:daveman p said that he know dis new cru wat was coming out called MOAS and he said co$$ i was reppin hard robbing brers paint at brixton i could be in it, it stands for MERKING OUT ANYONE on STREET, if u would like to be in dis crew alls u gotta do is come brixton on saturday and rob 50 tins of paint of off yewtmanz and donate$ them to da new MOAS CREW
  14 Jul 09 11:47 AM | Edit Reply | RE: Oii Nu KrU CuZ
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Brixton is a mighty long travel for me good sir, and therefore i shall not partake in this. Deeply sorry.
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