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  31 Oct 08 10:54 AM | Edit Reply | Downtime
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Hey D,

Tried to e-mail you about this, don't know if you received it. A couple of late nights this week your server has been down spitting errors all over the place. Is it switched off at night or something? Using Safari / FF3 under OS X Leopard.
  31 Oct 08 01:17 PM | Edit Reply | RE: Downtime
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I was meaning to e-mail you about this.

I am a boring person and have nothing else to do but go on this website.

I cant take it not working..
  31 Oct 08 01:24 PM | Edit Reply | RE: Downtime
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the dirty south
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its always happened from time to time on and off for a good few years now!

think its something to do with the server updating or some shit!
  01 Nov 08 08:26 AM | Edit Reply | RE: Downtime
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yeah sorry guys, my old server sometimes can't handle things and kills itself until I restart it. I did have something in place to do it automatically for me, wonder why it's not kicking in.

if you see it happening, feel free to email me, although there's a good chance if I'm not aware the website's down, I'm probably not at the PC to check my emails either.
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