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FAQ: Blackpool Artist ( [Expand] [RevSort] )
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  13 May 07 09:47 PM | Edit Reply | Blackpool Artist
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Is there anyone in Blackpool area that could possibly do my bedroom wall in full graffiti & Im willing to pay for this job? I am after something along the lines of the following names in the writing that the artists use in a non uniform picture not the actual faces but a look of a urban street backgroung and there names just put on the wall just random (if you know what I mean) The names are "Eminem" & "DR Dre" "50 Cents" and finally "Snoop Doggy Dogg" Let me know if anyone is intrested. Thank
  27 Jun 07 02:22 AM | Edit Reply | RE: Blackpool Artist
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ill do them in chalk bubble writin for 50p and and some milc chocolate giant buttons :)
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