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FAQ: Why are we here? ( [Expand] [RevSort] )
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  28 Jan 03 05:51 PM | Edit Reply | Why are we here?
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well smart cunts answer that think yer all so fukin coooool with yer big tags and your funny lettering but can you answer the big question?

  28 Jan 03 09:43 PM | Edit Reply | easy
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we are here to destroy the planet....
  29 Jan 03 01:20 PM | Edit Reply | Graffiti & Hip-Hop..??
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beverly hills
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  29 Jan 03 02:19 PM | Edit Reply | Heavy Metal & Writing
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Dr Pepper what your saying is correct as far as the writers you are talking about most of them were writing in the 70's in the early days of the culture Heavy Metal was the soundtrack of that generation. The connections between the imagery found on heavy metal album sleeves and many whole car productions from those years are also reflective of the influence of music and art.(Skull's,graveyards,grim reepers fire etc)
By the mid-eighties metal was played out and the new sound of electro and hip hop was what the new writers were listening to this is the era that propelled the movement throughout the world, the vast majority of writers around the globe have listened to or been a part of early hip hop culture most notably B.boying probably the most significant thing in promoting hip hop culture to the rest of the world.
I think what people get confused with these days is the cliche of if you write you must listen to Hip Hop/Rap thats bullshit . Me i love the electro era which to me is hip hop others think jay.z is hip hop to me he is manufactured POP muzik when people try to compare Rockin' it Fearless 4 with roots manouva i have to laugh roots just doesn't hit the spot like most of the shite passed of as music today .
Any music /Sub culture is only as good as when you first seen it or heard it .
To finish on a rock note the early hip hoppers were influenced by rock music plenty of the early breakbeats were found on rock albums which most b.boys listened to before they discovered rare funk.(Johnny the fox by Thin Lizzy or The Mexican by Babe Ruth)
Most of todays hip hop mtv generation are the biggest cliches imaginable also the least talented in what they claim to do the latest rap 12' cd want influence your style buy some pens and paper and develop your shit.

  29 Jan 03 02:46 PM | Edit Reply | RE: Heavy Metal & Writing
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oh, i fucked it up. you'll need to post this reply in the new thread instead, because it's not makin any sense here.... sorry
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