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Announcements: New Road Tax
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  26 Jan 07 02:22 PM | Edit Reply | New Road Tax
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hey ppl, if ya dont already know, the governments planning on booting the arse out of road tax, youll be charged on mileage and will pay between £80-£200 per month for tax, distance will be measured by a "black box" installed in your car which will mean they can also find out where you are at any time, and as it measures speed and distance it will automatically issue a speeding ticket if you creep over the limit.

this is a heavy infringment of our human rights and as a nation we need to say something.

theres a petition here: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/traveltax/

its got over half a million votes so far and needs more!!!

it only takes two seconds to sign and its actually really important.

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