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Announcements: radicals website ( [Expand] [RevSort] )
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  27 Jan 03 05:54 PM | Edit Reply | radicals website
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The site reminded me of London: a big pile of shite! london is so dull and this site is a reflection of how mediocre london is these days.

  26 Jan 03 11:27 AM | Edit Reply | nice
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well nice site mace big time update

chek out my site aint that big or good but all fliks are mine www.nebsweb.co.uk/glasgow.............
  25 Jan 03 09:27 AM | Edit Reply | RE: radicals website
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mace, that's a huge update, how'd you manage it? you got all the RCS working full time on it or something? just taking a look now...
  25 Jan 03 02:12 AM | Edit Reply | scissors
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and a fecking haircut..........

  25 Jan 03 12:34 AM | Edit Reply | .
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i checked out yer site mace,it seemed like organised choas to me and that can only be a good thing.i also like the naked ladies,i'd send you a charma but i dont trust bloody hippies,get a job layabouts...
  24 Jan 03 11:00 PM | Edit Reply | radicals website
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check out the massive and i mean massive up-date on the rcs website,over 2000 flix added....tubes,throw ups,pieces,dubs,tags,outlines,characters and not forgetting the ladies section,sexy full spread birds...loverly!!!also featured...
interviews,news,graff info,forum,gore,cctv and mobile phone info,links and chat room.
have a look and i bet you will love it!!!

MaCe RaDiCaLs
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