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Announcements: Upper 11 Records
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  24 Jan 07 05:15 PM | Edit Reply | Upper 11 Records
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Upper 11 Records based in South West London is an record independent dedicated to making music first.

Upper 11 strives to create music to captivate a world audience, with undeniably the most dimensionally complete music and develop the world's next stars.

The label is run in the US and in the UK. Although the label is young we have a wealth of experience behind us ammounting to over 65 years between two people in the music industry. The President of the label is based in New York, Mark Schimmel (x LaFace Records and Arista Records). The Label Consultant is Ric Aliberte Ric has owned and operated an independent New York-based management firm for over two decades, representing artists, producers and industry executives. He has also worked in such positions as Vice President of A&R for RCA Records and was National Promotions Executive for Elektra/Asylum Records.

We are interested in hearing from any fresh talent. Whether you are a band, solo act, producer or songwriter. Please send in your demos to:

Upper 11 Records
PO Box 435

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