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Announcements: Napier Student Union looking for graf artists (Edinburgh)
  15 Aug 10 11:16 PM | Edit Reply | Napier Student Union looking for graf artists (Edinburgh)
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Hi guys,
I have no idea how you'll react to this, but whatever.

Napier University's student union wants to get some graf work done inside its student union building/bar here in Edinburgh. They're looking for someone, or a few people, to do some painting in there. I'm not totally sure on all the details but they're willing to pay for paint and they've told me that they could provide a bit of cash (haven't got a figure, sorry) and some drinks too.

Anyone interested?
Graffiti: KRS
  15 Aug 10 06:00 PM | Edit Reply | KRS
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Los Angeles, California
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I'm from the KRS crew in America, and I'd like to contact anyone from the KRS crew that has pics posted on this site. I'd like to exchange pics and some contact information so that we can paint if the opportunity ever arises. Can anyone help me contact someone from KRS?
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