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Announcements: The Slaughterhouse rip
  01 Mar 03 07:43 PM | Edit Reply | fuck you
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littlerock, arkinsas
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what do you mean 'hope we meet soon', who the fuck are you, the scottish fifty cent........fifty pence and ten cola bottles.......only thing you'll fuckin to to scare people is bleed on them ya aids ridden mongral!
Announcements: The Slaughterhouse rip
  01 Mar 03 03:52 PM | Edit Reply | The Slaughterhouse rip
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Anyone planning a trip tp the slaughterhouse in slateford edinburgh? Forget it went the other day and the bulldozers were in ripping the place apart !
Still can't complain we managed to collectively fill that spot most notably the MSC (who found the spot and kept it unknown for at least 6 months ) Sole,Derm,Dyems,Pube,Bitch and Eats who contributed to the anarchy lets find another one soon!
Seen the MieOne Bolt and Sole the other day on the way to g/gow looked good.
And a big fuck you to whoever was behind the stupid "create" stencil you painted over some nice pieces, i hope we meet soon!!
Duncan had a bunch of the flicks on the site a few months back got any more duncan?

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