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Pictures: edinburgh pics 3
03 Jan 10 01:36 AM | Edit Reply | RE: edinburgh pics 3
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anonymouss wrote:
cctvsteve wrote:
anonymouss wrote:
MrMagic wrote:
Does sine do anything other than tags?
Can't recall seeing anything else.

IM pretty sure he just does tags mate... never seen a throwie or piece of his likes.

he has a thew throwies ploted about.

dont know why i spelt few like a twat.
[Edited by cctvsteve on 01 Jan 10 09:34 PM]

Any chance you could post some pics?

Not got any son, he usually just does this big S thing theres one in the tunnel at the back of topman oppocite macdonalds. im melted sorry for ant spelling errors fingers arnt too good in cold and all that.
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