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Announcements: SUPPORT DAZE
24 Mar 08 07:26 AM | Edit Reply | RE: SUPPORT DAZE
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NastyBeats wrote:
so whats the suggestions on "supporting" daze?

could go all out n plaster "free daze" everywhere

or perhaps theres a better way to go about it...

some suggestions:
- setup a freedaze.com website to coordinate information about his appeal (I assume there will be an appeal), and act as a central hub for any campaigning stuff etc

- create a Facebook group (and Bebo, MySpace etc if they can do groups too) and invite folks to join

- setup an online petition. not sure exactly who you would send the petition to though?

- write to your and/or Daze's local MP/MSP/MEP/Councillors. It's unlikely they'd be able to do anything or would even want to be seen supporting, but might be worth a try.

- check out what happened with previous cases like this; Ket, Krek and Mers etc and use their good ideas.

There's no point doing any of this stuff if it's not coordinated, i.e. don't duplicate effort. I'm happy to do lots of online stuff to promote the cause, but don't want to step on the toes of anything that's already being done.
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