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Graffiti: crimwatch uk
14 Dec 03 11:17 AM | Edit Reply | RE: shiri
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Posted by shiri:
Posted by dumbasszane:i know the ingestre road near acland burghley school, tufnell park. do you write?

i don't write myself (though have tried and it's well fun) but i work with young people and as i said loads of them are into graffiti and would like to learn how to do it properly. I probably have another project coming soon on another estate in kentish town (not sure) and actually thought about organizing a pan-london group of young people who are into graffiti to do some workshops, activities etc and get the suits realize that that what people are really into.
any suggestions? know anyone that will be interested? best from camden but can be from all over london as i am quite well networked all over the place .

shiri, email me the details and i can forward them onto some people who do this kind of stuff.
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