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Graffiti: crimwatch uk
23 Nov 03 05:30 PM | Edit Reply | the way they work
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I'm doing some work with young people in london and all they want to do is proper graffiti! anyway as I had to fight the local authority to let the kids do their stuff i found that piece of study on the net. amazing to see how easy it is to prove that 'cleaning' graffiti is an impossible and stuid mission and on the other hand what happens when you let people do it properly.
here's the link: http://www.graffiti.nsw.gov.au/cpd/graffiti.nsf/pages/myrckabc
by the way, since i've done the first project with kids down here, people keep asking me to do more. i think i managed to get camden to change their mind![Edited by shiri on 23 Nov 03 05:31 PM][Edited by shiri on 23 Nov 03 05:32 PM]
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