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Announcements: Wot???
12 Jan 07 10:11 PM | Edit Reply | RE: Wot???
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“Graffiti adds a touch of reality to a city”…. Feno… woo (I am sentimental bloke)… I am going to use that to persuade the resistance.

I am not,,, excruciatingly unfortunately, an artist and can not relate to your second writing… but I think I understand it which sucks because that throws everything to the could’ve beens…. Well, we are not retiring… but, we didn’t think of that…

Or maybe we did and just underestimated it… What about the idea that the cops will remove it sooner or later… and so giving the kids the space to take part in the community’s interest… in their own domain… will make them more.. true.. citizens..

The idea of judging is based in the fact that their opinion, in real matters, are not listened (respected) to… and giving them this opp. makes them…. Shit I don’t know.. f’ck…

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