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12 Jan 07 08:21 PM | Edit Reply | Wot???
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Hi All,

I have started this thread to ask your opinion on a project which high school kids are trying to organize…

Obviously is a Graffiti Project. The kids have been giving the opportunity to create projects, events, activities they are interested in…the learning aspect is that they will have to do everything themselves with us in the background. Organize tutors, fundraising, petition for walls in the community,….

But the most controversial part … and hopefully this is not offensive to you all … is that we would like to encourage them to face the whole graffiti experience….uuuhhh… meaning …. uhhh.. well… clean, remove, Shft F7 the graffiti that the kids think inappropriate, senseless, insensible, artless…

Figuring out the above is the hardest part of all this but we think it is better than the cops taking this decision… as a group we will defend the graffiti we do think is appr., sens,…art, an expression like well done tags, you me forever, f’ck da police. Obviously the cops have the final say – we will try to persuade them to keep it (asking neighbours, getting people talking about it and making them reminisce of their hated rock&roll for some sympathy – but if that fails we would then try to get the artist to do the same on a permitted wall (does that sound submissive… we just think that the art in itself is what is transcending… they’re just going to end up deleting it… we figure it as only a short thrill… what’s so important in transc?…. we stopped smoking a while back)

Anyway, we start the projects (yea this is just one of many, hopefully… one other kid wants to go fishing) ..next Monday… we would really like to know what you all think… the kids are planning to call in workshops but at the mo we don’t have funding so ¿Would anybody like to train the kids in you all’s art….We are in Buckhaven, Scotland (keep it to yourself!!!)… you would stay at our place, share our food…

What do you guys think of us removing your graffiti??? (Of course after a 2?? week notice and after the community at large not wanting it)

I am looking through the net and I can’t find similar projects (My surfing sucks)… Could you guys direct me to any similar projects???

Any ideas on how to make this work??? We are in contact with the police (which have a graffiti project of their own (inviting artists to paint on public walls – we signed up for peace) … Trying to contact the man on top who funds the removal of graffiti (we would like a slice of that)…uuhh, and generationally open for suggestions …sweet

Sorry for the long thread…

Put your hands up 4 Buckhaven

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