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FAQ: lingo
28 Jun 06 08:21 PM | Edit Reply | RE: lingo
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ZERO wrote:
I keep seeing some graff slang that im not really sure about.

kiwi/kiwi bottle-
garvy- (super hard stains right?)

i dont care about ur flames so just answer it and yea i already know im a toy but i gotta start somewhere

a mop - a pen , usually homemade, with a sponge tip instead of felt. the majority of mops are old shoe polish bottles fileld with ink,
kiwi/kiwi bottle - kiwi is just a shoe polish manufacturer and this is a kiwi bottle

these can be used as mops once emptied and filled with ink
a king - The best with the most. Some people refer to different writers as kings of different areas. King of bombing eg cap, king of style eg kase2 or dondi, king of a certain line, etc. some say you cant be a true king if you are only a king of one area of the art. For example some would say cope2 is a true king because of his large amounts of bomibng and the strong style and technique in his pieces.

as for garvy, i have no idea
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