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Surf The City

Surf The City Here's what Spine Magazine had to say about it:
"A much-hyped up book, simply because it promised a lot of actions and pieces that we hadn't seen before from all around Europe. Strictly subway graf, which is always good, this book features a large portion of German pieces and a few pages on other major cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Rome and Stockholm. I was disappointed to see no UK graf in there (aside from the Bozo DDS panel in Athens, which was good to see...), when we have one of the best subway scenes in the world, let alone Europe - but apart from that it's not a bad book. Nothing mindblowing or overly amazing (some nice action pictures though), the redeeming point is that the interviews with the writers are in German and English and are quite good. If you like your books, you might want to check this one out, even though it's quite expensive"
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