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Graffiti Art : Styles Vol. 10

Graffiti Art : Styles Vol. 10 Here's what Spine Magazine had to say about it:
"A profile of styles and letter development, covered by sections such as 'Semi Wildstyle' and 'Bubble'.
A nice book with lots of cool 'from sketch to photo' pictures, showing inspirations and ideas leading to finished productions - there's a cool Loomit sketch here for any fans as well.
But the best thing for me about this book is the two page profile of Nema at the end of the book, showing his development from his DFM day styles with arrows and sharp corners, through to the original 'ugly' styles that he's pioneered. Any fans of Nema will be well into this part of the book. Also, there's a nice Egs panel as well, which is cool. An original idea for the series and executed well. Well worth picking up."
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