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Icepick: Icelandic Street Art

Icepick: Icelandic Street Art Given that the island nation of Iceland is home to only a quarter of a million people, the vibrancy of its street art scene is astounding. Multi-talented author Thordis Claessen spent several years documenting the scene photographically and then designed and illustrated this brilliant book about the art, music and politics of the capital Reykjavik and its surrounding areas. The Icelandic street art featured in Icepick covers a wide range of themes and subject matter from traditional Icelandic icons to sheep, Vikings, fantastic gothic creations dreamt up during long Icelandic nights and colorful graffiti pieces that evoke the New York street art scene. There being such a rich and colorful street art presence in such a small nation, one can't help but think that a large proportion of the population must be involved.
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