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Alergia Bombing Science says: 200 pages, hardcover- Alergia is an excellent book on the European graffiti scene, with tons of really talented writers presented. Many of them are on some next level graffiti. This book contains a huge number of flixs and the selection is simply perfect. Here's a sample (just a few) of the artists featured in this book: Alëxone, 123Klan, Reso, Dran, Kern, Ogre, San, Pornostars, Zeta, Beto, Sex, Realgraffiks, Sg, Rambo, Sixe, Satone, Stohead, Daddy Cool, Viagrafik, Flying Fortress, Zwerg Burns, Jaba, Recto, Rosy, Herbert, Vitche, Dzr Sone, Hanem Drim, Mets Noer, etc.
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