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The Book Of Tags

The Book Of Tags The Book of Tags presents the personal signatures of 150 writers coming from 20 different countries throughout the world. This selection includes some of the most influential tags belonging to pioneers in the graffiti world as well as others that represent innovative and experimental calligraphic styles. The tags collected are displayed in alphabetical order, one per page correlated with a caption to facilitate the deciphering of the different calligraphic styles and with the sole purpose to create a 1980's style graffiti 'blackbook' object, simple and essential in the layout and rich in content. The Book of Tags also consists of short introductory essays by five prestigious individuals: BURO DESTRUCT, BARRY MCGEE, OLIVIER STAK, HASSAN MASSOUDY and STEFANO BOERI. The publication ends with a black and white action photo gallery compiled and edited by DROPDROP [the publishers] in an effort to show the beauty and energy of the act of tagging in its original context.
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