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Writing: Urban Calligraphy and Beyond

Writing: Urban Calligraphy and Beyond Long ignored and belittled for its proximity to comic culture and vandalism, graffiti has steadily remained in the public view: ubiquitous and with a natural affinity to architecture it has become a fundamental aspect of the modern city, influencing public perception and borrowed by fashion, packaging, graphic designers and architects alike. An offspring of this scene, born out of tags and throw-ups, writing has become modern urban calligraphy. While the classic New York style of writing originated in typography, it in turn has left its mark on virtually all visual disciplines: strictly speaking the arrangement of space by outlines, writing has become an invaluable influence an inspiration, especially in the realm of illustration, logo design, motion graphics and architecture. Complemented by a number of essays, "Writing" (compiled by Berlin activists and designers Markus Mai and Arthur Remke) now surveys this appropriation of public space and examines the detailed fusion of analogue writing and digital design. The content (tags, throw-ups, lettering, objects, graphic design and street art documenting the current, changing influences of writing, art and graphics) reached from a straight documentation of this low tech conspiracy to extremely intricate architectural exercises, integrating the unique spatial properties of graffiti writing, its shapes, forms and angles, into three-dimensional objects of buildings.
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