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Street Art: The Spray Files

Street Art: The Spray Files Stunning and vibrant artwork can be found on buildings, sidewalks, street signs, and other surfaces in cities from New York to London to Barcelona. "Street Art" presents a comprehensive overview of this movement that began in the late 1960s with anonymous spray-can art in New York and Philadelphia and that has since grown into a major cross-cultural phenomenon. "Street Art" begins with an explanation of the difference between street art and graffiti, along with new trends and styles. Each medium is then explored in a different chapter - stickers, posters, stencils, textured surfaces, traffic signs, buildings, and furniture. Also included are chapters on street art characters and panoramic murals. Woven throughout are biographies of the artists - all internationally known - and an interview with each one. "Street Art" is an exciting look at an art movement that has been around for decades but that is just now beginning to emerge in the mainstream.
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